I was commissioned and honored to make this chalice and paten for Rev. Dorian Del Priore, as a gift to him as he was ordained into the priesthood..

     I created this desk caddie for Liz Hamer to commemorate her earning her Master's Degree....


    As stated, inspired work! The printed work contains the photo of my dad in his flight uniform. He was a Marine fighter pilot and the text screen printed in the background is the Marine oath. The smaller image at the bottom right is me, at age 8, holding my first captured fish with my dad. This particular print is part of a large body of work done to honor not only my father, but all lives lost in war....regardless of political or international stance.

    Pieces created for City Range in Greenville, specifically with the "critter" image!

    Dinner plates for Bacon Brother's Pub in Greenville - currently being used during special events, numbering 130+...!

    Fun with lidded jars, created for my son and daughter-in-law's rehearsal dinner

    Took a summer workshop with international potter Akira Satake....learned some of his incredible techniques!!